Griha Pravesh: Know its Rituals and Benefits

What is Griha Pravesh?

The Griha Pravesh is a religious ceremony in Hinduism that is commonly performed when moving to a new home. It’s a big part of vedic astrology and hinduism. This ceremony comes from ancient knowledge and practice and is more than just a change of location. 

It is performed to ensure alignment with cosmic forces and energies that decide the fate of both the house and the people who live in it.

The Importance of Griha Pravesh

In Griha Pravesh the process of moving isn’t the only important thing that happens. When looked at through the point of astrology it is a moving recognition of the deep link between the spiritual world and our world. 

It is believed that this ceremony brings both these worlds together which should bring wealth and happiness to the new home and its inhabitants.

The Benefits of Griha Pravesh

The many benefits of Griha Pravesh are believed to be good for both your mental and physical health. Most people believe that the ceremony removes any present bad energy and creates a positive space where personal growth, happiness and strong family bond can grow. 

It is believed that this religious ceremony can open the door to a more happy and peaceful life.

The Rituals of Griha Pravesh

  • Vastu Puja: At the beginning of the ceremony an offering to the god Vastu Purusha is made. This whole process is called the Vastu Puja. This ritual acts as a spiritual guide making sure that the energies inside the home flow in a way that is harmonious and peaceful. This creates a balanced and positive energy in the house.
  • Ganesh Puja: Lord Ganesh is known and praised for his power to remove obstacles.  So people pray to him and ask him to remove any obstacle or problems that may come during the moving period. Families hope that with his help they would be able to handle any problems that come their way and live a happy and stress-free life in their new home.
  • Navagraha Puja: This puja takes into account the planets’ affects. The Navagraha puja is done to reduce any negative effects of the nine planets. This holy practice is believed to improve the health, wealth and general harmony of the family.
  • Havan: Havan is a fire ritual that means purification. The gifts that are thrown into the fire carry prayers for a clean and positive energy to fill the new home. The flames make a way for the good things in the universe to run through clearing the area of any remaining bad energy.
  • Kalash Puja: Kalash puja involves the worship of a pot filled with holy water, mango leaves and coconut. This lucky sign means abundance and success and it helps create a home that is full of positive energy.

Griha Pravesh Muhurat

Finding the most auspicious time for griha pravesh is an important part of the rituals. During this process it’s also important to consult with an astrologer for finding the right time of day. Experts in astrology look at where the planets are, how they affect each other and the family’s astrological chart to figure out the best time for Griha Pravesh.

Why Consult an Astrologer?

The Griha Pravesh Muhurat ceremony gets more specific astrological information when you speak with an astrologer. They look at the unique horoscope profiles of each family member to make sure that the chosen Muhurat fits with everyone’s individual and family energy. By giving each person their own specific instructions the ritual works better and brings gifts and positive energies that are good for the whole family.

In conclusion, Griha Pravesh is more than just moving your home. It is a spiritual journey and a highly important ceremony. Take part in the rituals, try to be in harmony with the universe and feel sure that the forces of the universe are on your side when you move into your new home. With the help of an astrologer the alignment of the stars will be brought into perfect agreement with your family’s unique cosmic blueprint. This will make this particular transition even more fortunate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the difference between Vastu Shanti and Griha Pravesh?

Vastu Shanti is a ritual that is performed before the construction or renovation of a home whereas Griha pravesh is performed when a family is ready to move into their new or renovated home.

Q2: Which face of house is not good?

According to Vastu Shastra a house that faces southwest or south is usually thought to be less fortunate. The southwest direction is linked to the earth element and the god Nairuthi. It is thought to bring security but it could also cause problems.

Additionally, a house that faces south is thought to be less lucky and is linked to the element of fire and living in a house that faces south may bring about problems related to money and health.

Q3: Which entrance is good for home?

An east, north and northeast facing entrance is considered favourable as per Vastu.

Q4: Which floor number is good as per Vastu?

The ground, first, second, third and fourth floors are considered to be auspicious as per Vastu. Any floor above is generally considered less favourable as they are further from the earth and water element and closer to the air element. The air element is associated with restlessness, anxiety and instability. 

Having said that, from a science point of view apartments above the fourth floor are more likely to be exposed to noise pollution and electromagnetic fields.

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