Navratri Day 4: The Day of Goddess Kushmanda

On Navratri day 4, we honour Kushmanda Mata, the universe’s creator, in the sun’s heart. It’s  a great day to learn about Kushmanda Mata and immerse ourselves in her prayers. Navratri, the festival of nights is dedicated to the divine goddess and that celebrates love, devotion and spiritual awakening.

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photo of goddess kushmanda statue with text Navratri Day 4 The Day of Goddess Kushmanda

The Glow of NAVRATRI DAY 4

Daily Navadurga devotions honour a different form of Durga. Kushmanda Mata, the  fourth divine feminine energy manifestation, is worshipped on day 4.

Kushmanda Mata, also known as the Universe Maker

Goddess Kushmanda Mata, also known as Maa Kushmanda, created the universe with her divine smile. Her eight arms symbolizes her being omnipresence and omnipotence. 

A rosary, lotus, bow, arrow, kamandal, chakra, gada and nectar pot are in her hands and her bright smile  and blessings illuminate the world.

Her name, ‘Kushmanda,’ has a deep and significant meaning. It comes from the words ‘Ku’ (‘a little’), ‘Ushma’ (‘warmth’ or ‘energy’) and ‘Anda’ (‘cosmic egg’) which on combining represents the one who created the universe as ‘a little cosmic egg’ full of energy and warmth. Mata Kushmanda is hailed as “The creator of all things” who  is said to bring health, wealth and success.

Significance of Navratri Day 4

Worship of Kushmanda Mata on  this day is believed to give great energy and strength. Her limitless divine energy reminds us that we too have  a limitless energy reservoir to bank upon.

On this day, people wear green to symbolize growth and new beginnings. Green symbolizes love, compassion and transformation. You honour the Goddess and combine your energies with  the divine force of growth and love by wearing green.

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1. Worship Preparation

A pure heart and peaceful mind will  help you connect with Kushmanda Mata’s divine energy. Starting the  day with a shower symbolizes body and soul purification.  

2. Mandir Setup 

To create a divine atmosphere, make  a beautiful Mandir for Mata Kushmanda and add flowers, incense and a lamp to show your purity and gratitude to the Goddess.

3. Praying

Gift fresh flowers, fruits and sweets to show your devotion and chant Kushmanda Mata’s mantras with  sincerity to show your devotion. 

4. Aarti

Perform the aarti pooja by waving a lit lamp in front of Goddess Kushmanda Mata, thanking and loving her. This helps show your devotion in front of  the Goddess to illuminate your path.

5. Fasting 

Many devotees fast on Navratri day 4, eating only fruits and dairy as it  is believed that fasting purifies the body and mind. 

6. Sharing Prasad 

Sharing prasad brings people together and symbolizes divine blessings for your loved ones. 

Radiance of Kushmanda Mata 

Kushmanda Mata’s energy shines like the sun. Her divine smile gives life and her blessings can remove  darkness and bring prosperity and success.

Worshippers celebrate Navratri Day 4 to absorb this divine energy. 

Accepting Inner Light 

Navratri day 4 encourages us to find our inner peace to help us through life’s challenges. Just as Kushmanda Mata created the universe with her smile, we  can create a positive and fulfilling world by embracing our hearts’ light. 

Negativity, fear and self-doubt must go. Like the sun rising each day, you can overcome your challenges and create a bright, warm life. 

Cosmic Creation Dance 

Many compare Kushmanda Mata’s universe creation to a dance. Her energy touches our spiritual, emotional and mental lives. 

We join the dance of creation by worshipping Kushmanda Mata on Navratri day 4. We join  the grand design and access creative energies that shape our fates and fortunes. With her blessings, we can create the life we want.

Universal Mother

Many call Kushmanda Mata the ‘Universal Mother.’ She cares for all living things with  her love and energy and Kushmanda Mata also protects the universe like a mother. 

Her arms hold rosaries and lotuses, representing the tools she uses to sustain the universe. The lotus symbolizes purity and detachment and the rosary represents life’s cycle. She controls the universe’s destiny by controlling creation, preservation and destruction. 

Green in the Celebration 

On Navratri day 4, green symbolizes much. Green symbolizes life, growth and new beginnings. It is linked to the heart chakra, which governs love, compassion and transformation. 

Goddess with Divine smile – Mata Kushmanda 

Kushmanda Mata’s smile is considered radiant and kind. The universe gets its  light and energy from it and considered a powerful source to eliminate darkness. 

Her smile signifies that even in the darkest times, there is hope and positivity which we should consider as  a lesson to navigate through life’s challenges. 

The Chanting Power 

Reciting Mantras for Kushmanda Mata are some of the ways to connect with  her energy. One such popular mantra is: 

( “Om Devi Kushmandayai Namah” ) 

Reciting this with devotion and focus helps you connect with  the divine as she Mata acknowledges our prayers. Chanting the mantra on Navratri day 4 strengthens your connection with  the Goddess. 

The Universal Navratri Message 

Navratri is not only a festival to worship goddesses but also provides a great way  to connect with divine energy through prayer, devotion and love. By honoring the Goddess in her various forms, we  try to acknowledge the many phases of life and existence. 

The Goddess in All Her Glory 

Throughout the nine nights of Navratri, devotees celebrate the Goddess in  all her glory. They dress  her idols with exquisite garments and jewelry, offering various kinds of prasad and even performing intricate  dance routines, such as Garba and Dandiya. These cultural expressions of devotion helps build an atmosphere of  joy and unity. 

As you celebrate Navratri day 4, take a moment to reflect on  the positive energy of Kushmanda Mata and  her ever-smiling face.Feel the warmth and light within your own heart and let  it guide you through life’s challenges.
Just as  she creates the universe with her cosmic smile you  too have the power to create a world of love, prosperity and spiritual awakening.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1: What takes place on the fourth day of Navratri?

  • Hindus honor Maa Kushmanda, the fourth form of the goddess Durga, on  the fourth day of Navratri. People worship Maa Kushmanda because she made the world and  is powerful, strong and smart. 

Q2: What good things will happen on Day 4 of Navratri?

On the fourth day of Navratri, people pray to Maa Kushmanda for  the following good things:

  • Plenty and wealth: People worship and ask for her help to  be financially stable and successful. 
  • Health and happiness: Maa Kushmanda is also known as the goddess of health and happiness. People pray to  her and hope that she will bless them with good health and a long life. 
  • Bravery: People also pray to Mata Kushmanda and ask for her help to  be strong enough to face obstacles and reach their goals. 
  • Joy and peace: Many people worship Maa Kushmanda and ask for her help to make their lives and  the world more peaceful. 

Q3: What does Kushmanda Mata’s Naivedyam look like?

  • Some of the traditional Naivedyam (food gifts) that are given to Kushmanda Mata on  the fourth day of Navratri are as follows: Puran poli, Malpua, Kheer, Fruits, Halwa, and Puran 

Q4: What is Kushmanda Mata’s best flower?

  • The jasmine flower  is Kushmanda Mata’s favorite. 

Q5: What color is Maa Kushmanda?

  • Blue color symbolizes Maa Kushmanda which stands for peace and wealth. During puja, people should offer  red flowers to Goddess Kushmanda because she loves them.

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